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Make Better Music

It doesn’t matter how good your music is or how much work you put into making your songs.

If no one gets a chance to hear your music you will never grow the fanbase you deserve.


Reach a Wider Audience

The best way for your music to actually make the impact you want it to make is for it to be presented to listeners when they are ready to listen to music. This was the great appeal of the traditional radio station. People gathered around their radios to hear the next big hit. Now with streaming services, we can listen to whatever we want whenever we like. But how do people find you amid all this music? Big labels have caught on and it seems like the only thing that dominates Google music and Spotify playlists are pop hits and the classics that everyone has known to love.

Metronxme is a platform that brings your best music to the people most likely to like your music.
We use real people to listen to your music and create great playlists that make discovering new music fun and easy again. We use user information to create top ten lists and create mixes that keep listeners coming back for more. And when listeners find music they like they will search for you on Spotify or youtube and follow you there. That’s where Metronxme fits into the digital music ecosystem.

We Can Help With Distribution & Marketing

Don’t have your music on Spotify or iTunes? No problem. Metronxme can take your music even further by registering you with all the major distribution companies just by creating a profile and submitting your music. We provide album cover designs, track submission, lyric videos, music production, marketing, merch creation, and sales, everything a musician needs to be competitive for a ridiculously low rate. Best of all you get to talk to real people who actually care about your music from the day you register. We are here to offer advice and help you out as much as possible. So that all you have to do is focus on creating the music you and your fans love.
We are also our own record label so we will pay certain musicians to create exclusive music with us and other artists we like.
We also work closely with tons of record labels, venue owners, promoters and music professionals to find them the talent to sign.

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This Summer Streaming Gets Better

On August 1st, we will officially start streaming the best-curated music from around the world. Join our mailing list now to be the first to experience a new way to discover music. We will be streaming music from all genres. There will be a 24hr a day traditional radio style stream as well as playlists and podcasts.

We are currently accepting submissions from musicians, bands, and record labels. Please use the link to the submission form below if you would like to be added to our playlists.

About Us

Metronxme features playlists, music news, tutorials, instrumentals, software, and shares curated content from other online outlets.

Discover new music from Youtube, Spotify, and other platforms.

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