10 Hidden Features you may or may not know about depending on your familiarity with Reason 11 by Reason Studios. Kickback and cookup!

Download Reason’s Loop Supply, Drum Supply etc 0:08
Reason Song Information 0:35
Reason VST CV Programmer 1:15
Ableton Link in Reason 1:43
Reason Compact 2:08
Reason ReGroove Mixer MPC Presets 3:38
Reason Pitch Edit Mode 4:00
Reason Tool Window 5:39
Reason Parallel Channel Processing 7:14
Reason Sequencer Automation Button 9:41

Sub Lab – http://bit.ly/SubLab
Extreme Dynamics – http://bit.ly/ExtremeDynamicsRE
Loopcloud – http://bit.ly/LoopcloudKC

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