A look at Cubase 10.5’s Import Tracks feature, allowing the quick import of track data from other projects, allowing for faster re-use of existing parts from other projects for consistency or remixes.

Cubase 10.5 Videos:
Cubase 10.5: Overview – https://youtu.be/tEAnRqwMh9c
Cubase 10.5: EQ – https://youtu.be/bbYzoWmk4fA
Cubase 10.5: Multi tap Delay – https://youtu.be/powzoxeM-Wg
Cubase 10.5: Padshop 2 – https://youtu.be/1xq1ZqNBNt8
Cubase 10.5: Importing Tracks – https://youtu.be/1VjVUO1aBhg
Cubase 10.5: Retrospective MIDI recording – https://youtu.be/gsLgGQnGDx4

The Complete Guide to Music Technology Using Cubase 10.5 – https://youtu.be/7QCGeHii8xM
Buy the Book: https://tinyurl.com/cubasebookamazon

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