On this video we show how we use some of the great new features on Cubase 7.5 to remix existing audio material. See Groove Agent SE, Trip from Halion Sonic, Retrologue and Neo Soul Keys in action.

These are some of the techniques available on our Remix/Production packages. To know more about how Doctor Mix can do for you and your music, please contact us today on https://www.doctormix.com/contact-us?utm_medium=video&utm_source=youtube

0:27 – Initial audio
1:21 – Preparing samples
3:14 – Programming drum section
4:11 – Programming guitars
5:27 – Programming vocals
6:35 – Creating a bass line
7:32 – Adding Synths
8:27 – Adding some Rhodes

Hardware & Software Mixing & Mastering Music Production

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