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Bobby McFerrin learns you good.


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0:13 Melodic/chordal use of the bass guitar
1:01 Nancarrow is the scientists from Jurassic Park
1:09 On racist perceptions of black jazz intellectualism
2:54 Speed and reading standard notation
3:49 Cameras on gig blogs
4:09 What makes a Christmas song?
4:45 Adam’s music sounds bad, and the ways of listening to music
5:35 Careers in music are wars of attrition
6:43 Recording in recording studios, and how it doesn’t exist anymore in NYC
7:32 Is it professional to use a short scale?
8:30 Brief thoughts on the Misa Tribass,
9:20 Brief thoughts on the new Animals as Leaders record
9:46 Stravinsky, Laphroig, and DJ Mashups
10:34 Relationships of Japanese characters to Tab/Standard notation
11:06 “jazz jobs”
11:57 French horn players on the bandstand
12:23 Adam is the musical Bill Nye….but somehow this doesn’t feel like a compliment. Seriously, check this one out.
13:13 Jazz musicians learn classical history, but not vice versa
14:44 The emotional experience of ke$ha
14:49 The tone is in the hands?
15:52 Your gig blogs are pure bullshit! I don’t want to play gigs like those!
16:31 What sort of pedal are you using on Gig Vlog 3?
17:01 Is Ableton good for composition and production?
17:39 Music schools don’t teach you how bad it is
18:37 The cultural relativism of “emotion” being tied to certain chords, scales, etc.
20:13 How did you drive views to your channel?
21:05 Stimpy Lockjaw



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