Thanks to SandvichBlock, the Antichronist, Albinojackrussel, Blake Davis, SuperMegaPeanut, famitory, syaolanli, NumberNEINLarge, Fossil FIshy, Deo Wardiman, W1NGXER0, Chris Verns, edharris496, somot olovo, Johnny Nothing, Blackzeppelin68, David W., Realraven2000, boobtuber06 for your insightful questions!

1:02 Can you introduce my question without the Lick?
1:10 All about the Double Harmonic minor scale and its weird intervals
4:07 Why is your audience almost exclusively male?
5:35 What is your opinion on contemporary music reviewers like Anthony Fantano?
7:05 What is the life cycle of pop tunes in your cover band?
7:48 Playing a sax with drumsticks isn’t as valid as with a mouthpiece.
10:09 What do you think about having 8 string guitars and no bass player?
10:57 What do you think about bass tremelo bridges?
11:37 Were you playing to a track when you played on Kelly and Ryan? Is that cheating?
12:45 Do you consider yourself a musician or a youtuber?
13:04 Pop music is pretentious branded garbage
15:39 Have you ever had to play in very tall buildings?
16:08 Is there a style you dislike playing?
16:17 Do you answer questions on youtube?
16:22 Do melodic minor and harmonic minor have that “modal brightness” thing you’ve talked about?
17:16 How would you analyze that E7#9 chord in Purple Haze?
18:49 200k video?
19:00 Weren’t violin strings made out of cats guts?
19:30 Why aren’t you employed as a professor?

BONUS VIDEO – Dorian Bright Theory Madness (exploration of brightness in unusual modes)



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