This is my honest review of the Akai Force controller. I really try to share what it’s actually like to use it every day, what the device hardware feels like etc. It is the worlds first standalone music production studio and features everything you need to make music without connecting to a computer

Overall I love the device and think it’s a huge game changer, I was happy to be asked to help out with the tutorial series on Akai Pro YouTube and I look forward to hearing what producers and beat makers create on it.

I also want to highlight that while I said the screen “Isn’t the same as a high end tablet” it is still the best and only touch screen technology being used in this industry and it is truly revolutionary, I didn’t want anyone thinking it was laggy or buggy, it’s razor sharp and great to use!

Akai Pro –
Force Tutorial Videos –

â–¶What Gear Do I Use In My Studio?

These links are the cheapest prices I can find. If you order using them, I will get a small commission to help fund new equipment for the channel 🙂 Thank you

â–¶DAW (FL Studio 20) USA – UK –

â–¶Microphone USA – UK –

â–¶Midi Keyboard USA –

â–¶Dynaudio Monitors USA – UK –

â–¶Audio Interface USA – UK –

â–¶Headphones USA – UK –

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