Same Boat – Vevo dscvr (Live)

Albin Lee Meldau has been absorbing music all his life – mom is a jazz vocalist, dad favors punk. The Swedish singer-songwriter’s first instrument was the trumpet, but he started writing and playing songs in his teens, when he realized that it would bolster his self-expression AND earn some attention from women. He definitely chose the right path, because his voice is extraordinary. Its ghostly tone sets a deep mood, and on “Lou Lou” and “Persistence” you can hear the soul and church music influences he says have marked his approach. Ultimately, they blend to form something ethereal, commanding and new. “We sample the old to produce the future,” he has said. When Meldau’s ‘Lovers’ EP arrived late last year, impressive tracks such as “Let Me Go” grabbed lots of ears on Spotify and SoundCloud, earning him ‘Newcomer of the Year’ nomination from the Swedish Grammis. The new “Bloodshot” is a crushing breakup lament that finds him putting that powerhouse voice way up front. In our dscvr performance, accompanied only by a pianist, he shows us the emotional range of his voice on “Same Boat.”

Director: Micah Bickham
Producer: Emily Louick

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