Benson Amps new Preamp Overdrive/Distortion is a do-it-all dirt box that adds premium grit to your rig. Built with a circuit based on Benson’s much-loved Chimera 30W amp, the Preamp earned a spot on the boards of players like Ryan Adams for its effortless ability to dial in pristine boost, bluesy overdrive, and even toe the line of throwback fuzz and distortion. Watch as Andy takes it out for a test drive.
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Andy’s Set-Up:
Gear in Video
Amp: Fender ‘65 Deluxe Reverb RI
Guitars: Redtail Goldtop and Custom T, Reverend Airwave 12-String, Gibson Custom CME Les Paul
Interface: UA Apollo 8 QUAD
Mics: Royer R-121, Sennheiser E609
Strings: Ernie Ball Cobalt

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