Chase Bliss Audio’s looper/delay (a collaboration between the Minnesota pedal builders and the teams at Old Blood Noise Endeavors and Drolo FX) is the ultimate in M O O D music. Made to be “playful and immediate,” the tonal options (micro-loopers, spatial effects, clock control) are nearly endless, but the stompbox proves highly intuitive and easily explored. Watch as Andy gets mighty M O O D-y with this exciting new release.
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Andy’s Setup:
Amps: Suhr Bella 22 1×12”
Guitars: Reverend Airwave, Redtail Custom T, Suhr Classic Antique
Recording Gear: Universal Audio Apollo 8 QUAD, OX Amp Top Box
Strings: Ernie Ball 2720 Slinky Cobalt .010 – .046
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