Finding the best plugins for mixing acoustic-based music isn’t always easy. In this shortlist we suggest easy-to-use singer/songwriter-centric plugins to help you produce great sounding music. Waves plugins:

0:58 Plugins for mixing acoustic guitars
2:52 Pitch correction plugins for tuning vocals
4:30 Compressor plugins
5:48 DeEssers
6:30 All-in-one vocal mixing channel strips
8:11 Reverbs

Plugins used in this video:
Maserati ACG:
CLA Unplugged:
Scheps Omni Channel:
Waves Tune Real-Tiime:
Waves Tune:
Renaissance Vox:
Renaissance DeEsser:
Waves DeEsser:
Greg Wells VoiceCentric:
CLA Vocals:
Abbey Road Plates:

Hardware & Software Mixing & Mastering Video

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