Only 1 Day Left!

▶ Update:
We have decided to shorten the deal from 7 days to 5 days to allow for a better customer support experience and to give Matt the time needed for the important preparations of the public launch on the 24th.
There have been many more early access downloads than expected and both Matt and I are very grateful for the support of all the early adopters of VITAL.
You still have until 23.59 GMT Wednesday (18/11/20) to get this $20 deal. I am so sorry if this means anyone will miss out.

Many thanks for your understanding,


Vital is by far the most anticipated and important plugin release of 2020.
Wavetable synths usually come with a huge price tag ($150+) which puts professional and cutting-edge synthesis out of reach for so many of us!
Vital changes the status quo with a groundbreaking feature set which surpasses the competition at a fraction of the price. Anyone watching this video can get it ahead of its release (24/11/20).

▶ How To Get VITAL Early

I have an exclusive, early-access deal for anyone watching this video:
Vital Plus Synth with 250 presets and 70 wavetables ($25) + My New Soundbank “In The Mix – Vital Sounds” ($15) together for $20. A saving of 50%.

These both come with lifetime free updates. The deal is exclusive for anyone watching this video and is not available anywhere else. We want to reward early supporters and adopters of Vital so this deal is only available for 1 more day.

▶ Get Early Access Here 50% off:

▶ Find out more about Vital Here:

▶ Prices after 24/11/20
Vital Plus = $25
In The Mix Vital Sounds Preset Pack = $15

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