In this video I show you Flex – The brand new, free stock plugin synthesizer in FL Studio 20.2.
It is an incredible tool for music production and in this video I give you a complete beginner to advanced guide of the plugin and showcase a few of it’s sounds.

It’s designed to be a professional, preset based synth with the ability to control macros and parameters to fine tune each preset to your needs. They have focused on making the presets as usable as possible – they are not simply trying to fill up space. There are packs from some incredible sound designers and many more to come in the future.

I like the user interface and I think the whole image line team should be very proud of this big step forward for FL Studio 20. It’s one of the best stock plugins I’ve seen in a long time.
Many are calling this the FL Studio version of Nexus but I believe it will be so much more – and the GUI is far better than reFX Nexus.

To get the Beta version :
Log into your image line account and go to the forum.

From there you can access the beta download.
be aware that this will install a Beta version of FL Studio 20 alongside your current version. Read the terms and conditions and fully understand what it is before you commit to it.
Back up anything important when using Beta software! You’ve been warned!

AHDSR – Often called ” ADSR”
These envelopes determine how the filter or volume will behave over time.
You can shape the sound by making if fade in, hold at a lower value, release fast or slow etc. The best way to learn this is to get hands on and have fun with it!

Note – On the display modes I said ” Lows on the right, Highs on the left”
Obviously I meant the other way around but got my words twisted!

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