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Hello everyone and welcome back to another video.
In this video I am showing you all how Brad and I mixed our original song “Brighter”. I try to show as many composition and mixing decisions as possible.

I tried out a lot of new plugins in this project but everything could have been done with the free plugins I normally use. I like the new slate plugins (I have invested the money that my Patrons have supported us with) and I am enjoying trying out lots of new things.
Make sure to wear headphones or use speakers so that you can hear everything in detail.

The general process for each track is to decide what we like in it and what we want the listener to feel! This can be hard to explain because often we are removing as many mistakes and muddy frequencies as possible but sometimes you have to leave them in.
Most effects chains is this project look something like this:
1)Subtractive EQ to remove unwanted frequencies
2)Additive EQ to boost nice frequencies
3)Compression to level out performance
4)Reverbs, Delays and choruses for artistic effect
5)Final EQ to clean and polish.

Some of the stems already have the EQ and compression on them before I start.

Some time stamps to help navigate to whatever you want 🙂
1:10 – Main Synth on SERUM
3:40 – Mixing electric guitars
8:10 – Atmospheres and pads – mixing two very similar sounds that are clashing, how to make them sit right.
14:55 – Marimba synth and percussion
16:50 – guitar percussion to build tension, reverb and delay
18:55- CELLO – this is the best bit 🙂
25:50 – DRUMS – pre and post mixing on the whole kit
34:35 – Acoustic Guitar Mixing
37:40 – Automation (Check out our videos on automation here: )
39:10 – BASS and Strings

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