It’s been a long awaited update but my new production and mixing template is here for you to download for free (Only using FL Studio 20 Stock Plugins)

Starting from a template will help you work faster and better with more mental clarity. I’ve taken care of the naming, organizing and grouping so you can focus on loading the instruments you want, recording your sounds and making beats. Don’t feel locked into a certain style or sound, you should experiment freely and creatively for best results!

In this video I spend a few minutes explaining how the template is set up so that you don’t get lost.
This template comes with my favorite drum samples and a few simple synths pre loaded which you can use or replace.

▶Download it here for FREE:

You can simply save it anywhere on your Computer, unzip and load it from there but you might want to save it as a temple in FL Studio.
In this case, extract the folder, copy it and then paste it into:

OSDisk – Program Files x86
FL Studio 20
*Paste it into here*

▶What Gear Do I Use In My Studio?

These links are the cheapest prices I can find. If you order using them, I will get a small commission to help fund new equipment for the channel 🙂 Thank you

▶DAW (FL Studio 20) USA – UK –

▶Microphone USA – UK –

▶Midi Keyboard USA –

▶Dynaudio Monitors USA – UK –

▶Audio Interface USA – UK –

▶Headphones USA – UK –

▶Channel Designer –
▶Instagram: @michael.inthemix
▶Mixing/Mastering services –

Mixing & Mastering Music Production Tutorials & Training Video

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