J Mascis, lead guitarist and singer of the seminal group Dinosaur Jr., came by the Reverb studio to discuss his methodology when it comes to fuzz and drive pedals. Dinosaur Jr. is a group that made a name for itself through an impressive wall of distorted guitars and J Mascis discusses how he stacks his fuzz pedals and drive pedals to build his highly saturated tone. Read more about J Mascis and Dinosaur Jr. at http://bit.ly/2g7K00p

Check out Dinosaur Jr.’s Lou Barlow discuss playing bass with a loud guitarist at https://youtu.be/ymI7t9gb8nk

Shop Dinosaur Jr albums on Reverb LP: https://goo.gl/3fn1CD

Gear Used:
Vox AC15HW: http://bit.ly/2frj75s
Fender Jazzmaster: http://bit.ly/2ey4zSa
ZVEX Double Rock Vextex Dual Distortion: http://bit.ly/2eTkDt0
Stomp Under Foot Ram’s Head Fuzz: http://bit.ly/2gauC2t
British Pedal Company Tone Bender Fuzz: http://bit.ly/2eXEkmY
Jext Telez Range Lord: http://bit.ly/2frgcd0
Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress: http://bit.ly/2fRvJna
Boss DM-2W Delay: http://bit.ly/2gaoirx

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