It’s time for another remix contest!
This time you will be involved in the whole process and see the song evolve over the next few weeks. This is the first video where you will get a scratch vocal and acoustic guitar stem, in Following weeks you will get more stems including Drums, Synths and Bass.

▶More Information / Stems Here:

Thousands of Dollars in Prizes Including :
Audient Interfaces
Lewitt Microphones
Blue Headphones
Kali Audio Studio Monitors
Lancaster Audio Bundles
Software and Course Bundles

There is loads to be won so head over to Produce Like A Pro for all the important details.
Each week there will be an update where you can download more stems!


The Artist (David Ottestad)
Instagram @theworkdayrelease
Twitter @workdayrelease

Key – Gmaj/Emin
Chords – Dmaj – E Minor – Bmin – Cmaj

▶Instagram: @michael.inthemix
▶Mixing/Mastering services –
▶Channel Designer –

Mixing & Mastering Music Production Tutorials & Training Video

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