Rilès – U Right? – an exclusive live performance for Vevo DSCVR ARTISTS TO WATCH 2020, an annual series highlighting those that are shaping the future of music.

Don’t tell Kanye stans, but it was actually Rilés who preached the original Sunday Service. Weekly exaltation took place not at church but on YouTube. And the pulpit? Rilés bedroom studio, from which he would upload a new song every Sunday to his swelling channel. RILÈSUNDAYZ began September 17, 2016 and lasted 52 straight weeks, an unrelenting deluge of hi-fi music and vibrant visuals. You could teach a class on how the 23-year-old French MC, who received his English degree from the University of Rouen, harnessed the power of the digital screen. “With a merit scholarship, I created my own recording studio,” he told Le Parisien. “I learned everything by watching [videos], from writing songs to artists’ contracts to making clips.” The French-Algerian’s dedication paid off to the tune of almost 1.5 million subscribers, massive engagement and a dedicated French fanbase energized by their countryman’s charismatic flow. Poofy brown curls, wispy facial hair and a je ne sais quois swag makes him look every bit the part. On his 2019 debut WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE, impassioned croons and flamenco nylon strings (check out “A E VERDADE,” which he played for us) rub up against bars about puffing trees with Snoop Dogg (“MARIJUANA”). And speaking of Ye and celebrating the deity, it’s also got a choir and tracks entitled “Utopia” and “Thank God.” For our Artists To Watch sessions, Rilés commanded every inch of our studio’s space – dancing, serenading and rapping with confident control. He even brought a violinist and trumpeter for a lil extra European flair. Tres chic.

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Executive Producer: Mish Mayer
Director: Charlie Sarsfield
Senior Producer: Nick Calafato
Producer: Rhonagh O’Donnell
Talent Relations: Emmylou Prevett
Vevo Design: Charlee Twigg
Edit/Grade: Charlie Sarsfield
DP: Ben Coughlan
Steadicam: Jake Whitehouse
1st AC: Simon Lakos
2nd AC: Josh Tilley
Gaffer: John Forsyth
Light Op: Ed Riley
Light Design: Lee Parfitt
Sound Engineer: Alex Archer
Sound Assist: Jules Gulon
Make-Up: Anni Rademacher
Runner: Sam Twigg, Miranda Swanson
Photography: Aron Klein

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© 2019 RILESUNDAYZ, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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