The official music video for Taking Back Sunday’s single “Tidal Wave” off the band’s album ‘Tidal Wave,’ out now on Hopeless Records!

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Directed by: Greg Hunter

what’s going to happen when the old man goes
will you embrace chaos or take control
when the guns are drawn outside your door
will you call for peace or will you join the war

what are you going do when the law breaks in
will you stand your ground or confess your sins
where you gonna hide all the lies you told
can you buy back any of the soul you sold

when your will is weak and the weight is strong
where will you go when you can’t go on
what’s going to happen on your dying day
will you turn to dirt or find the pearly gates

you don’t know

you can beg, plead, cry, pray, run, hide, leave or stay
but nothing’s gonna save you from the tidal wave
Nothing is going to save you from the tidal wave.

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