Mixing has 3 main concepts which dictate all the effects you hear. It comes down to: pitch; volume; and phase. Every effect manipulates one or more of these three things. Mixing is closely related to sound design and it’s more simple than you may imagine. Don’t let the “gurus” and masterclasses make you feel like you’ll never learn how to mix.

Remember, those guys are in studios with $100,000’s of dollars in equipment. OF COURSE the sound will be different. Nobody’s that dumb to think you can achieve the same exact sound at home.

Even their electricity is different. Just remember, they had super smart French guys engineer and design the acoustics of their studio and brought in world class experts to build the core parts of the studio.

Don’t feel like you can’t achieve a similar sound. I just hope you can understand the core fundamentals before you think you need 1 Billion plugins.

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