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Alice Phoebe Lou: Paper Castles

“We’re all human and none of us are special,” Alice Phoebe Lou tells the glowing, intimate crowd at The Garrison in Toronto. The enigmatic singer-songwriter swings her guitar back and forth as she speaks about a song she wrote for her stalker, and the dangers of putting people on pedestals. The crowd responds with giggles and excited claps. Originally from South Africa, Phoebe Lou now lives in Berlin. A former busker and fire- dancer, the 25-year-old is currently making her way as an independent artist without a record label. Her latest album, Paper Castles, was self-released on March 8 th......

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How We Help Music Lovers Find Better Music

Our streaming service focuses on finding hidden talent and sharing it with as many people as possible. Right now streaming services focus on the big names you already know. Our goal is to introduce you to the next big names by putting together immaculate playlists that feature outstanding music from around the world. Our blog and original content will also highlight awesome music from the big names you know and all the artists we believe you should know about. We plan to make it easier for listeners to discover new music by curating the worlds best music from independent musicians and major labels. We focus only on the music, not the name or budget behind the project. We hope to create an awesome listening experience and level the playing field for talented artists regardless of ad budget. Subscribe to our platform now to receive a free subscription and access to exclusive content before we officially launch this summer.

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How We Help Musicians Make Better Music

We search for new musicians every day. We don't leave the music selection to robots or algorithms like YouTube or other streaming services. We have a huge team of passionate music lovers who reach out to musicians and go through music submissions day in and day out to create tons of great playlists listeners will love. We also match musicians with other artists and music professionals. Providing them with access to resourceful tools allowing them to sell merchandise and market their music from one place. Metronxme is taking a truly original approach to music streaming, as we are currently producing our own music with talented acts from around the world. We help gifted musicians make music with other gifted producers and musicians and we also provide them with a platform to reach millions of listeners. Click the button below if you would like to submit your music to one of our playlists.

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How We Help The Music Business

Aside from helping our members make the most of their music potential we also make use of all the major streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, Bandcamp, Youtube, Google Music, Amazon Music and every other platform where you can find large groups of people streaming music. This ensures that our playlists can be found everywhere and not just on our platform. We help major record labels, A&R's, venues, and promoters find great acts and great music. They get access to analytics and curator insight that makes their job easier and more rewarding. By working with developing artists and guiding them to the next stage in their careers we create a kick-ass music platform while providing major labels and broadcast companies with a connection to a pool of talent. We also provide them with important information they can trust. Everybody wins.

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