Jade Darmawangsa

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Jade Darmawangsa is not your “average” musician. Most people know her as a kick-ass influencer with a heart of gold. This young entrepreneur is one the best, if not the best influencer I have ever come across. Gary V is awesome… But this young lady represents the future of brand creation, influencing, and marketing in general. Her knowledge of building a brand is so deep that if you ever considered getting guidance for your business or if you wanted someone to steer you in the right direction when it comes starting your Youtube channel or becoming the next big influencer, this is the person you need to contact. She is so honest she has actually told someone who was asking her for advice to spend less time watching her videos and more time reaching out and networking. This girl is truly a Godsend if you are looking for honest knowledgeable advice.

Getz Tah Clickin'

Here is her info, make sure you join her mailing list and subscribe to her on YouTube and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.
Now Back To Her Music.
So after I binge-watched all of the videos on her Youtube channel I came across her song “Flexing on The Gram” and I was like dang… Does this chick rap too?!!! Ultra dope.
I’m not gonna ruin it for you but the song is jokes! And it is such a perfect fit for her sense of humor and reflects her fun entertaining personality in her YouTube videos.
The song also features two of her colleagues Ryan Trahan & Haley Pham. It’s full of dope bars that totally reflect our current social media culture. Check out the song and make sure you give it a thumbs up!

Flex On The Gram

Jade Darmawangsa's Playlist

If she hadn’t already given us enough, I was elated to find her Spotify playlist which was filled with dope tracks.

Metronxme has reached out to Jade for an interview to discuss what’s on her playlist and why. Hopefully, we will get that interview shortly before this young savant charms the world with her honesty, knowledge and irresistible personality.

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4 New Albums to Listen to This April

4 New Albums to Listen to This April

Looking to expand your music repertoire this spring? Here are 4 new albums to look for this month:

1. Toro y Moi Outer Peace

Toro y Moi’s groovy sixth studio album has an unforgettable pulse. With songs like Ordinary Pleasure and Freelance, it’s a must-have addition to any dance party or road trip.

2. Weyes Blood Titanic Rising

Melodically complex with allusions to impending doom, Titanic Rising is still an album centered around hope. Natalie Mering’s rich vocals ring out from an orchestra in this beautiful new album.

3. Andrew Bird My Finest Work Yet

While Andrew Bird’s previous albums have been recorded in such places as a barn, the bottom of a canyon, and in the middle of a river, his new album My Finest Work Yet lives up to its title. Darkly humorous and poking fun at history, mythology and himself, this new album is a must listen.

4. Jessica Pratt Quiet Signs

An album that sounds like it came from another time, Quiet Signs is more than just psychedelic folk. Refusing to be placed in a box, Pratt’s child-like voice is as unforgettable as her unique melodies.

Toro y Moi - "50-50 (feat. Instupendo)" (Official Music Video)


Andrew Bird My Finest Work Yet

Jessica Pratt Quiet Signs

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Diplo Presents A New Festival

Diplo Presents A New Festival

Diplo will host a new two-day festival July 20 th and 21 st at the Gillette Stadium in
Foxborough, Massachusetts. The new festival, titled “Diplo Presents The Super Mega Ultra
Giant Mad Decent Block Party Festival,” will host performances from artists such as Billie Eilish,
and Pusha T.
The former partner of Sri-Lankan-English rapper M.I.A, Diplo rose to fame with
electronic dance music trio, Major Lazer, who will also be preforming at the festival.
Fans can purchase festival passes, or one of several VIP ticket options beginning mid-


FKA Twigs Announces New Tour

FKA Twigs Announces New Tour

British singer, songwriter, producer and dancer FKA Twigs has announced a 10-date
international tour kicking off in May. Her last album M3LL155X was released in 2015, but since
then has released several new songs, as well as a new stage show called “Radiant Me.” She has
also directed the dance film Soundtrack 7, which premiered august 2016.
This is exciting news for FKA Twigs fans, who have been eager for a possible new album.

Article New Music

New Track: Big Thief Cattails

In Big Thief’s new single Cattails, Adrianne Lenker’s voice softly hums above a rolling melody, capturing the feelings you experience while traveling home or to meet a good friend. The comforting second single is from the band’s forthcoming album U.F.O.F, which was recorded in rural western Washington in a large cabin-like room. If you happen to be wondering, the second “F” in the title of the new album stands for “Friend.”

“Making friends with the unknown,” says Lenker, “all my songs are about this.”

The much-anticipated new album will be released May 3, 2019.


HOMECOMING: A Film About Representation

HOMECOMING: A film by Beyoncé, is not just a fun dance-along, but a culturally significant body of work that celebrates Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and community support.

The documentary shows rare, vulnerable moments with the artist as she narrates her challenging pregnancy with twins, and the difficulty to recover before the big concert. But her struggles are more than just personal ones. They lead to a much larger discussion about representation, Black culture, and community. Being the first Black woman to headline Coachella is a significant milestone in music history, and Beyoncé refused to hold back her creativity and talent, despite her health-related obstacles.

The documentary is now available to stream on Netflix.

Artists New Music

Blur Mar

Blur Mar

Blur Mar is definitely ahead of his time, embodying that 6 sound but keeping it truly original Blur Mar enters the game with 3 distinct singles. All three tracks featured in this post boast authentic dark trap beats (some of which were produced by himself.) and interesting bars. What appeals to me most about Blur Mar is his originality. Blur Mar makes music that really opens the door to his creative personality. The energy that Blur Mar brings to each track makes his music easy to listen to. You can’t deny a sick flow and interesting bars layered over dope beats and matched with tight visuals. So sit back pump up the volume and take in these gems by Blur Mar.

My Time

Supposed To


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