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Jade Darmawangsa is not your “average” musician. Most people know her as a kick-ass influencer with a heart of gold. This young entrepreneur is one the best, if not the best influencer I have ever come across. Gary V is awesome… But this young lady represents the future of brand creation, influencing, and marketing in general. Her knowledge of building a brand is so deep that if you ever considered getting guidance for your business or if you wanted someone to steer you in the right direction when it comes starting your Youtube channel or becoming the next big influencer, this is the person you need to contact. She is so honest she has actually told someone who was asking her for advice to spend less time watching her videos and more time reaching out and networking. This girl is truly a Godsend if you are looking for honest knowledgeable advice.

Getz Tah Clickin'

Here is her info, make sure you join her mailing list and subscribe to her on YouTube and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.
Now Back To Her Music.
So after I binge-watched all of the videos on her Youtube channel I came across her song “Flexing on The Gram” and I was like dang… Does this chick rap too?!!! Ultra dope.
I’m not gonna ruin it for you but the song is jokes! And it is such a perfect fit for her sense of humor and reflects her fun entertaining personality in her YouTube videos.
The song also features two of her colleagues Ryan Trahan & Haley Pham. It’s full of dope bars that totally reflect our current social media culture. Check out the song and make sure you give it a thumbs up!

Flex On The Gram

Jade Darmawangsa's Playlist

If she hadn’t already given us enough, I was elated to find her Spotify playlist which was filled with dope tracks.

Metronxme has reached out to Jade for an interview to discuss what’s on her playlist and why. Hopefully, we will get that interview shortly before this young savant charms the world with her honesty, knowledge and irresistible personality.


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