Rebecca Black is back from a long hiatus and I have to admit her music sounds really good… To me at least. Before I go on I have to admit that I am a sucker for anything retro. Especially 80’s synth pop-inspired tracks.

I was super hesitant about clicking on the video when I saw the thumbnail for Rebecca Blacks new song “Anyway.” Even though I am not the kind of person to hate on an artists music. I couldn’t help but expect another mediocre pop song. Especially after being bombarded by the super meme that Friday was. But something told me that she had learned from that last song. Something told me that maybe the reason we hadn’t heard from her for so long was that she wanted to take time to step back from it all and make some really, really good music.

Luckily, I didn’t listen to the hater in me. Eventually, I pulled the trigger and clicked on her videos thumbnail. I think it was the right choice because although not everybody is going to love this song, it certainly shows some serious growth in her music. The song has a very 80’s feel. To her credit, the song sounds absolutely nothing like Friday or any of her previous music.

The funny thing is as of writing this post, Friday has accumulated more than 130 million views. Despite all the criticism that the song has gotten. The good thing for her is that if this song gets as many views as Friday does it will be for all the right reasons. No one will be making any roast filled memes about this music video. Well… Except for the trolls of course.

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