Somehow we knew this was bound to happen.

Ever so often some “new” artist drops a hidden gem that only those who are truly in the know get the privilege of finding. Somehow the song magically shows up in their Youtube or music feed before the song makes it on hundreds of playlists finally getting the exposure it deserves. Every time I hear a new R&B or Trap song that I know is really gonna shake things up I always wonder how long it will be before Drake comes along and remixes it. Making the song a number one smash hit that you are sure you will be hearing everywhere for a long… long… time.

Well six months ago, way before Summer Walkers “Girls Need Love Too” had 30 million views I thought to myself… This song will probably get a Drake remix. Here we are a few months later and here it is.

This remix is nice, Drake definitely adds his flavour. It’s really sounding like Drake is going back to the old drake in this song. His vocals round out the song nicely and I believe they make it a better song. This is a great duet to start off 2019.

Summer Walker – Girls Need Love Remix (with Drake)

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