R. Kelly Claims He Is Fighting For his Life

In the 2019 CBS Miami R. Kelly interview, R. Kelly sat down with Gayle King for more than an hour and a half to discuss the allegations against him.

R. Kelly says that a past case is being used against him now. It seems as though due to all of the recent drama surrounding R. Kelly it has come to the point where the police are using whatever they can find to build a case against him.

In the R. Kelly interview, Gayle King counters R. Kelly and says she’s not talking about the other case, and that people want to know about the current 2019 cases where women have come forward claiming R. Kelly had assaulted them.

R. Kelly continues to defend himself throughout the interview claiming that it would be stupid for him to hold somebody against their will after everything he has been through.

The video ends with R. Kelly asking everyone to forget what the blogs say, to forget how they feel about him and for everyone to just use their common sense. In the last clip, he breaks down pleading emotionally.

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