Who wins in the battle of Real Estate vs stock market investing 2020? In this weeks video, I give you my take on the 2020, Vlad TV, Mack 10 interview on real estate and stock market investing. In this interview, Mack 10 goes over several ways he has invested, from movies, live concerts and tours, but his largest investment has been in real estate. Mack 10 and DJ Vlad both say, “Go with what you know,” when it comes to investing. I have the same sentiment. No matter what your belief, stock market investing, or investing in the real estate market, always do your own reserch. In no way am I attempting to steer you in either direction, I am simply trying to start the financial conversation about investing in real estate and in the stock market. I recomend that you all check out the entire Mack 10 interview on Vlad TV, and start diving into your investing possibilities in 2020! Each one teach one!

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After 18 years of music and clothing and social media, Ya Boy Nige needed a break. I spread myself too thin doing so many things, I decided to concentrate on one thing, Real Estate. After my first home purchase at 19yrs of age, I purchased several more properties, but fell victim to the “market crash” of 2008. Determined to learn why, and what happened to me, I went on a mission to teach myself about real estate and mortgage. My new mission is to help everyone just like me, learn how to buy your first home, or teach you how to build generational wealth with multiple properties, and refinancing your current mortgage. Together with my wife Lizeht, we started a company, H&H Real Estate and Investments, and we partnered with Citizens Financial. This channel is a visual of my regular, every day life, and a tool for all of YOU to ask me questions of “How To Buy, Sell, Refinance, and Invest,” in real estate and yourselves. Please feel free to ask me anything, because the content I want to create is for YOU!!!!

It’s Just me, Ya Boy Nige! Sharing my love for Food, Fashion, Finance and Fun! Follow along with my daily life while I share delicious restaurants, shopping experiences, vacation locations, and finance tips. I am a licensed real estate agent in the state of California, with a knack for finding great deals and helping people build their dream of creating generational wealth through my company H&H real Estate and Investments. I also am the head of marketing and brand awareness for Citizens Financial, a private mortgage lender, where we specialize in conventional loans, jumbo, hard money, FHA, VA, nonconforming loans, low credit scores and much more. This channel is for the you! I want to help answer all the questions you may have, that you have always wanted to learn, in order to start your path to financial freedom.

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