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Tiffany Haddish said that in the next five years, she’d like to open her own community grocery store and maintain the happiness she’s found. The comedian also said she’d like to open her own studio and is receiving advice from Tyler Perry on how to successfully achieve that goal. After announcing that there were a number of projects that she’s currently producing, Haddish was asked if she planned on having any children.

Haddish wasn’t committed to the idea of giving birth to her own child but said she’d likely adopt or become a foster parent. Her reasoning is that she’s seen so much pain and suffering that she doesn’t know if she would be emotionally strong enough to give birth to someone and then have them taken away from her, referencing the effect it had on her mom when she and her siblings were taken away. She also said she’d be an excellent foster parent due to her own past as a foster child.

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