Spoiler Alert: He's Right

Damian Keyes has been getting a lot of hate about a recent video he made called “Stop Selling Your Music”. Yes, maybe he could have avoided a lot of that hate by choosing to title his video in a way that wasn’t as blunt. Maybe if he had made it clear that his video was really intended to help musicians who are struggling to make money from their music he wouldn’t have received so much hate.

Maybe if he had titled it something more along the lines of “The New Ways to Make Money as a Musician” or “Stop Relying on iTunes To Make Make Money as a Musician.” He wouldn’t have received death threats and so much hate regarding that particular video. On the other hand, if he had done that I am sure he would not have gotten as many views. I am sure I wouldn’t be writing this article if Damian Keyes hadn’t taken the ballsy approach that he did.

Forget about the ballsy titling choice Damian made for a moment. The important thing to take away from this video is that Damian makes some very good points all musicians looking to make money should seriously take into consideration.

There are so many good ways to make money as a musician that don’t include selling your music in the traditional sense. Musicians need to know that they can sell merchandise like T-shirts, or do more live shows, make music for commercials or Youtubers. Musicians can also consider streaming music on Spotify or making videos on Youtube. All of these options for making money are really good ways to create multiple streams of income which can mean the difference between working a day job and making a living as a working musician.

Watch the video above and let us know if you agree or disagree with Damian Keyes. Should musicians really stop selling their music?

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