I asked you for questions and sat down for a chat with Warren Huart (Multi Platinum award winning producer and creator of “Produce Like A Pro”) to answer them.
1:25 – What are some good reference tracks?

5:55 – What are the biggest game changers you’ve discovered in your career?

11:30 – What helps you know decide when a mix or production is finished? How do you draw the line?

16:20 – Did you have a plan in your music career? How did you end up with Platinum records?

We talk about producing, recording, dealing with limitations, de essing guitars, simplifying the production process, his incredible career in the music industry, analog synths, incredible reference tracks and so much more – I was blessed to spend time in the studio with him!

Artists/Prodcuers mentioned:
Peter Gabriel
Kate Bush
Massive Attack – Teardrop
Junkie XL (Deadpool & Mad Max)
Geoff Emerick
The Fray


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