Grammy-winning mixing legend Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Muse) shows you how to add epic depth to your tracks with his new complete suite of 4 delays and 4 reverbs. Hear more CLA Epic audio demos:

Based on Chris’s favorite reverb and delay hardware gear, CLA Epic lets you layer any of the eight effects for greater depth in your tracks, and route any of the delays to any of the reverbs for deeper, bigger sonic landscapes.

CLA Epic comes packed with 50 presets by Chris Lord-Alge and over 300 more presets from top Grammy-winning producers and mixing engineers, including Greg Wells, Michael Brauer and more.

Get CLA Epic now:

Music: “2020 Vision”
Performed by Bald Man
Music & lyrics by Kurt Deimer and Benjamin Lake Trechsel
Produced and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge

Hardware & Software Mixing & Mastering Video

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