Do you mind a little plastic surgery? With waist trainers, butt shots, breast implants, botox, and so many other plastic surgery fails all over our Instagram feeds, we had to find out if people really care about all this plastic surgery! Tell us in the comments, would you date someone who’s had plastic surgery? Check out All Def Digital’s Taboo Questions! #ADD #ADDQuestions

“Slink Johnson: @Slinkjohnson
Do Boy: @Iamdoboy
Teddy Ray: @teddyraycomedy
Mystic: @mysticgotjokes
Liane V: @lovelianev
Brandon Broady: @broadythejoker
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Paul Elia: @paulelia123
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Kamira White: @kamirawhiteis
Kanesha Buss: @kanishaiscomedy
Giovanni Watson: @giovanniw
Matt Aidan: @Iammattaidan
Frank Adkinson: @rudegentleman
Kevin Fredericks: @kevonstage
Patrick Houston: @patrickcloud
Reedo: @reedobrown

Directed by: Sydney Kim
Producer: Sydney Kim
Associate Producer: Josh Gonzales
Director of Photogaphy: Adam Bial
Camera Operator: Patrick Houston, Michael Mantez
Sound: Damian Thurmond
Production Assistant: Alanna Neely-Sanchez
Edited By: Brandon Scharf & Momo Lee Aoi

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Do You Mind Plastic Surgery? – All Def Digital’s Taboo Questions | All Def

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