It’s immediate. When Flint Eastwood launches into her dscvr performance of “Queen,” it’s impossible to miss the power and pride in her music. The Detroit indie-pop singer, born Jax Anderson, has a fierce stage presence, and it was in high relief when she rocked the lead track from her new ‘Broke Royalty’ EP. The Detroit native has been amassing an audience for the last few years; her songs and their emotions are always becoming more eloquent. Her stage name is an amalgam of places that resonate with her: Flint, Michigan, East Detroit, and Hollywood. It also conjures notions of the so-called “spaghetti westerns,” that Clint Eastwood helped make famous in the ’60s, like Sergio Leone’s ‘A Fistful of Dollars.’ Her 2015 ‘Small Victories’ EP boasted a handful of pop tunes that declared their thoughtfulness while flaunting their idiosyncrasies. “I think that’s a side of pop music that some people don’t consider when they say it’s a ‘guilty pleasure’,” says this fan of Troye Sivan and CHVRCHES. “Pop music does possess a lot of depth, just as much depth as other genres; you just have to look for it.” Watch the trio tear through “Queen” and you’ll know why critics are citing both the singer’s charisma and craft.

Director: Micah Bickham
Producer: Emily Louick

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