Lolo Zouaï – High Highs To Low Lows (Vevo DSCVR)

Make a playlist of Lolo Zouaï’s music videos and you’ll enjoy an extended mood that moves from poetic, reflective and chill to sensual, hurt and proud. Zouaï’s future-slanted R&B is addictive, flexing its way through a parade of vibes. The blend of the Paris-born singer’s French-Algerian roots and current Brooklyn POV gives her sultry tracks the kind of cosmopolitan feel that juiced her Blood Orange collab, “Jade,” and fuels the steamy candor of “Ride.” As a Bay-area teen, Lolo absorbed music and penned lyrics on Ocean Beach – skills that later earned her songwriting credits on H.E.R.’s Grammy-winning debut. Our newest DSCVR artist is one of those musicians whose essence is palpable in performance – you instantly feel like you’re on her wavelength. The 24-year-old hit the Vevo studios and captivated everyone with the title track from her ‘High Highs To Low Lows’ debut.

Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
Director: Kyle Goldberg
Senior Creative Producer: Priya Minhas
Senior Logistics Producer: Maura Scully
Logistics Producer: Emily Louick, Maddy Schmidt
Editor: Ramy Elsokary
Talent Producers: Annie Shapiro, Samantha Mackoff

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Lolo Zouaï

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