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Splatunes 2 is a free remix album dedicated to Nintendo’s amazing Splatoon series! Included are tracks from Splatoons 2, the Octo Expansion, and the original Splatoon game. The features 20 Splatoon remixes, including brand new material and exclusive remasters. If you’re a squid or a kid (or an octoling 😆🐙) Splatunes 2 will be full of tracks you can enjoy and download for free!

All songs clear for streaming on Twitch, just give credit to GameChops & the producer, or show the title on-screen.

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Directed & Mastered by Dj CUTMAN ~
Artwork by Tron Bonne ~

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GameChops is a record label dedicated to releasing and remixing the best video game music out there. The name first appeared in 2010 as a mixtape by Dj CUTMAN, who later went on to found the label in 2012. GameChops was one of the first record labels to license and publish video game music on platforms like iTunes and Spotify, and works with artists all around the world.


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