Virgil Abloh has been in the spotlight recently taking L’s on L’s. The owner of off white and lead designer of louis vuitton donated $50 to a bail fund to help out protesters. You might be thinking Virgil Abloh 50 dollar donation? That sounds okay. Well you cant even buy anything he sells for $50. Plus he posted on his social media that he donated 50 dollars. Almost like he wanted to flex. Virgil said that he donated 20k but did not know if he should post it on social media or not. But then it gets better, to keep it 2 virgils with you i didn’t think he could take another L. But he did. Virgil designed Pop Smoke’s album cover and it was horrendous. Thankfully the virgil pop smoke album cover was redesigned and released with something else because it was horrible. But the good news is we got a ton of virgil memes out of this. lol

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