In this video, I show you how to use the free VITAL wavetable synth and introduce several sound design concepts. I highly recommend following along with your synth to get the most out of this video. I wanted to make this video accessible to beginners, so please use these chapters to navigate the video and find what you need. Please ask me any questions in the comment section, I will be replying to every comment in the next few days.

▶ Chapters
0:00 – Intro
0:35 – User Interface
1:00 – Loading Presets
2:10 – Voice Tab – Generating Sound
6:00 – Stereo Width and Unison
6:50 – Wave and Spectral Morph
8:20 – ADSR
9:55 – Additional Ocsillators
10:50 – Sampler/noise
12:00 – Filters
14:00 – Polyphony, Pitch Bend, Glide and Stereo
16:00 – Effects Tab
20:00 – Matrix and Modulation, LFO and Envelopes
25:00 – Randomness generator
25:40 – Performance settings and MPE
26:30 – Macros
27:15 – Advanced Tab – Unison Settings
29:20 – Outro and Further Learning

▶ Get my VITAL presets here (Vital is released on the 24th of November, so no need to get these yet!):

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