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Does love always take time or can it happen in an instant? Do the disappointments in our past sharpen our discernment to the point where we immediately recognize the qualities we want in another? What do we do when we have that desire to hold on to something brand new? Do we wait and risk losing love to time? I say we take that chance. I say we go all in and let fate decide. I say the minute we see that Potential in someone, we lose ourselves in the moment, believing that we’ll find ourselves again…in love.

Video Credits:
Directed by: Shayad ‘Captain Plexx’ Andrews (@captainplexx)
Executive Producers: Shayad ‘Plexx’ Andrews & Aaron ‘Voice’ St Louis
Edit/Effects/Color: Shayad Plexx Andrews
Production Assistant – Deesa Booth

Special Thanks:
Management and staff of Fairmont Southampton Bermuda
Camryn Swan
Party People Mas, Bermuda

Music Credits:
Title: Potential
Written and Performed by: Aaron “Voice” St Louis
Produced by: Styles and Complete
Additional Production : Precision Productions
Mixed and Mastered by: Precision Productions
Background vocals by: Keone Osbourne

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